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Furniture refinishing, antique restoration, furniture repairs & finishing

Chest of Drawers, Cabinet, refinishing and restored



Chest of drawers, refinishing

Some pieces warrant a full furniture refinishing due to severe  damage or distress.  Pieces may require stripping, repair, sanding, bleaching, staining, grain filling and finishing.  We can help you with samples and suggestions.


Clock restore

Great grandma's mantel clock or a 14th century chest of drawers, Waskiel Furniture Refinishing can help you restore and preserve these fine antique pieces.  Antique restoration will preserve your heirlooms for future generations.


Chair repair

Perhaps your dining room chairs have become loose, or need to be repaired.  Some repairs can be done at your home or site. Furniture repairs are usually performed for a fraction of the replacement cost.   



Waskiel Furniture Refinishing can finish any new custom made furniture, architectural woodwork or any wooden piece that you have.  

Corporate touch-up

corporate touch up

 Waskiel Furniture Refinishing can perform on-site office touch-up and repair for office and commercial furniture scheduled around your needs.  We offer quick, professional service to keep your office running smoothly.  We are also available after hours. 



We love the unusual!  

At Waskiel Furniture Refinishing, we look forward to restoring items from the past.  Come and take a look at the bikes, scooters, clocks, radios, sleds, ect...

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624 Putnam Pike, Greenville, RI 02828, US

(401) 949-8094